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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September Saturday

From Saturday, September 12th. This was actually the first day back to the regular Saturday skating schedule, so it was a bit rocky!

6:35 AM
Wake up to a chilly morning (fall is coming!).

6:40 AM
Stumble downstairs. First thing, drink a whole glass of water. Then pour coffee and feed the cat (Bangles).

6:42 AM
Realize the sausage I need for breakfast is still frozen in the downstairs freezer, since I was too lazy to get it out the night before. Go downstairs to get it. Leave the basement door open, so Bangles comes too. Chase Bangles and bring him upstairs.

6:45 AM
Start getting ready...wash face, brush teeth, vitamins, makeup, brush hair. Search for hair clips.

7:07 AM
Make breakfast: Three scrambled eggs and sausage. Refill coffee and sit down to eat.

7:22 AM
Get dressed. Pull my coaching coat out of the closet. Pack skate bag.

7:35 AM
Head to the rink. Drive without the radio, because I really, really need quiet mornings.

8:00 AM
First one to the rink! Take my inhaler, jump rope, stretch, and off-ice jump before lacing up.

8:25 AM
Step on the ice! About 10 minutes of warm up, and then my lesson starts and we work on moves in the field. I have a half hour lesson, so I use the remaining bit of the hour-session to do freestyle.

9:25 AM
Learn to skate starts! I pull on two extra jackets and start coaching.

10:20 AM
Get off, pull off skates to stretch feet. Lace up again.

10:25 AM
Get on the ice for my second session. Focus on freestyle, run my routine twice.

11:20 AM
Get off the ice, unlace, and stretch out for a bit. Walk out to my car, intending to buy a coffee and then head home.

11:45 AM
Spend way too much time jiggling my key because I somehow locked my ignition. Ask hockey dad for help. He gets it first try. Drive straight home, do not buy coffee because I'm worried I'll lock it again if I turn the car off.

12:03 PM
Get home, make coffee. Also make lunch: nut granola with almond milk and raisins. Sit and talk to Mom.

1:10 PM
Decide that I should probably be getting ready for work. Change, wash my bangs out and style them, grab a new pen for my smock pocket, pack food.

1:35 PM
Leave for work. Eat a banana on the way.

2:00 PM 
Punch in. It's busy, so in the first hour I bag for several people, give a lot of voids, make change, jump on my own register to get the lines down, ring for someone so they can use the bathroom, and collect baskets.

5:10 PM
Head to lunch. Carrots dipped in almond butter. Go through the smocks, and discover that the new ones came in! With a size small! So I ditch the XL I've been wearing and put on my new one.

8:00 PM
Punch out. Buy almond butter and Larabars.

8:20 PM
Get home. Chill on the coach with meatballs and Netflix. Eat a yogurt. Read some blogs.

11:00 PM
Head upstairs. Get ready for bed. Clean off my bed. Journal a bit.

11:21 PM 
Lights out!

What are your September Saturdays like?

Happy Tuesday! xoxo

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