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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

About August

August was about going to Boston Comic Con for the first time.

And getting this cool commission sketch from Tim Estiloz!

August was about bumping up hours at work (and training to be an assistant).

August was about falling more in love with my car.

August was about despising the heat.

August was about getting back in the groove with skating.

August was about making plans for the 'new' year.

August was about starting my very first Whole 30.

August was about getting back into the habit of yoga (and trying forearm headstand!!).

August was about making more (and more and more) resolutions to 'be more social'.

August was about realizing how happy getting up early makes me.

August was about passing Junior Moves in the Field!

August was about realizing that I'm my own 'person'. That if I want to go on an adventure, I should get up and go. That if I want to do better, I should just be better. That if I want to start something, I need to take the first steps. For me, August was about trusting my gut more. Listening to my own head more. And following my heart more. Because no one is responsible for us in this life, but ourselves.


  1. Glad August was a great month for you! I'd love to experience a Comic Con, but I don't think I'm "hardcore" enough to fit in, haha.

    I really liked the videos! Great addition:)

    1. Thank you! Haha, you should go! Totally know what you mean though. I thought the same thing, and honestly, I got a lot of comments from my guy friends like "are you sure you want to go? It's not really your thing." But, it's not just for the hardcore geeks! There's so much about the creation...artists, writers, the panels...of the shows, so that's what I'm into and appreciate!