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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pixar-Disney Ships

Well, I've been a bad blogger again. I totally skipped writing yesterday's post for the July Everyday Geek Challenge.  Yesterday was a pretty eventful day....we got home about 3 in the afternoon from our roadtrip, unpacked, and then my mom and I had to take a sheep to the vet. But! That's no excuse and I apologize.

Anyways, yesterdays prompt was 'Disney vs. Pixar' and today's prompt is 'cross fandom ships' soooo, I'm going to combine them, and share my Pixar-Disney fandom ships. You're welcome!

My very first thought was Sully from Monster's Inc. and Megara from Hercules. I know it's weird, but personality wise I see them being really good for each other. Sully is an easy-going, steady character who I think would really listen to and appreciate Meg. Meg would feel safe with Sully, but also have to room to be crazy, fun, and totally herself.

The second I came up with was Andy from Toy Story and Wendy from Peter Pan. I honestly would only see this as a childhood crush, though, because once they grew up I think Wendy might be a bit uptight for him.

Next it gets a little foggier. I was thinking of Violet from The Incredibles, and my first thought was Peter from Peter Pan. But Peter might be a bit too much like Dash, and no girl falls in love with someone that reminds her of her brother. Then I thought of Aladdin. If they were closer in age, obviously....that could totally work. Because really, Violet is just a less mature Jasmine.

Treasure Planet has to be one of the most under-valued Disney movies ever, so of course I was trying to ship Jim Hawkins. I found some stuff that paired him with Ariel, and I've got to say that's my favorite. I could almost see it as a couple, but I like the idea of them being platonic best friends A LOT. I also thought of Violet for Jim, but I'm not sold on that.

What are your Pixar-Disney ships? Don't forget to join the conversation with me on tumblr, and to stop by Dia's blog for her post! Tomorrow's (Day 22's) prompt will be 'favorite fandom actor moments'. Thanks for reading!

Happy Tuesday! xoxo

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