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Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Phases of Sherlock Love

Day 12 of the July Everyday Geek Challenge! Today's prompt: The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes. Just a heads up, as of today I'm leaving for a roadtrip, so things might bet a bit spotty around here. I have some pre-written stuff, and I will have my laptop with me, so hopefully things will stay moving but apologies for any tardiness! In the meantime, don't forget to stop by Dia's blog!

My love affair with Sherlock Holmes started at a very early age.

I fell in love with the books as a pretty young reader. I made it through every casebook, as well as reading the Hound of the Baskervilles. Over the years, I've picked some of my old favorites back up when I was in a 'fireside British mystery' mood.

At about this time, they were still showing the amazingly accurate Sherlock Holmes mini-series on PBS, the one with Jeremy Brett. Every week I would watch episodes with my Mum, and it only grew my love for Holmes and Watson. I loved Jeremy Brett, because he really was Holmes in so many ways. One of my favorite things, though, was how he'd be sitting on the couch completely still, and then all of a sudden spring up and jump over it! Jeremy Brett really nailed the different energies of that role.

I left my Holmes phase for a while and moved onto other things, but was jolted back into it with the release of the BBC's Sherlock. I was incredibly skeptical at first, but gave it a shot and became utterly obsessed. I admit: I totally joined the ranks of heart-fluttering fangirls with Bennedict Cumberbatch.

I love the edginess of Sherlock. It definitely keeps you on your toes, and is the type of show you might need to watch multiple times to fully understand. I always find myself worrying about where they're taking the show, but that just adds to the excitement! Plus, in their own way, Bennedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman definitely nail the Sherlock/Watson energy, too.

With my new wave of Holmes-obsession, I started looking for more outlets. I found mine in the Enola Holmes books by Nancy Springer. I only ended up reading books 1-3 (because they were ever so slightly too young for me by the time I found them), but I really loved the steam-punk spin they gave on the classic. Honestly, I should really go back and finish them because they were pretty creative!

Sherlock Holmes is the perfect example of a fictional character staying with you throughout your life. While the original Holmes hasn't always been my go-to, his inspiration has influenced my taste and preferences over all my different moods and phases. And really, isn't that what a great story is all about?

Elementary, my dear Watson.

(he never actually said that)


Which 'face' of Sherlock Holmes is your favorite? Chime in in the comments, in a post, or on tumblr, twitter, and facebook using the hashtag #everdaygeekjuly. Can't wait to hear from you! Tomorrow (Day 13)'s prompt is 'Inside Out Review' OR a FREE DAY! For those who haven't seen it *guiltily raises hand*. Thanks for reading!

Happy Sunday! xoxo

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