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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Everyday Geek July

Woah! Can you believe it's July 1?? I honestly still don't feel like summer's even started!

I'm so excited to announce that this month, Dia of The Time Lady Geek and I will be hosting a blog challenge! In Everyday Geek July, we'll be making daily post inspired by the day's prompt. Of course, the best part is going to be the conversations that start with you guys! So feel free to join in one day, every day, or any day, with your own prompt-inspired prompts via blog post, tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, whatever! And don't forget to use our hashtag, #everdaygeekjuly, and comment so we can interact with you!

Personally, I'm so excited to get going! I think this challenge is going to be a ton of fun. I'm a bit worried about the commitment of blogging everyday, but I think I'll find a way to make it work. :)

Part of the prompt for today was a favorite fandom list! Honestly I just got back from my last 4-H TC today, so I'm going to keep this pretty short and sweet. Some of my favorite fandoms:

The Lord of the Rings, Pixar, and Sherlock are my tops.

And I love historical fiction and classics, like Call the Midwife, Foyle's War, and Jane Austen's novels.

I like Harry Potter now and then, although I admit I have to be in the mood for it.

And I'm currently starting to get into (and already loving!) Firefly and Merlin! :)

Well that's it for today! Tomorrow's prompt is Geeky Friendship memories, so make sure to check back in!

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