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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Being With The People

Day 8 of the Everyday Geek July challenge! Today's prompt is 'why people should play more board games'. Don't forget to check out Dia's blog!

Today, we were driving to church, and we passed a house with a farmer's porch. There were two older couples sitting outside, talking away.

And seriously. When was the last time we did that?

As a society, we fail to connect in so many ways. We text our best friends all day but can't call them on the phone. We don't make eye contact with the cashier at the supermarket. Out in public, we stay hooked to our phones and don't notice the other singular people out there. We forget to pet the cat when we walk in the door. Or to ask our Mum if we should pick her up a coffee.

We say 'text me' instead of 'call me'. We reply 'lol' and 'yeah (winky face!!!)' instead of anything with meaning.

So often, and this is honestly a completely true description of myself, we spend more time talking about getting together then actually spending time together. We miss so many chances to lean up against a car and just talk about life with our friends. Our siblings. Our parents. Our coworkers. Our crushes.

There's a lot to be said for being busy. We have to work hard, and to an extent, we really do need to put our heads down and get 'er done. We all need to make money, and workout, and study, and make food, and pursue hobbies, and crash with the TV.

But what we can't do is make the mistake of being so focused on the grind, that we forget to stop. Breath. Think. Laugh. Foster relationships. Because, in the end, isn't that what we're really grinding for? Just the little things?

That, honestly, is one of the main reasons I think Dia and I love board games so much.

It's the chance to just sit and laugh. Make memories with our favorite people. Relax and spend some time, IRL, just being with those we love.

Because really, is there anything better?

When was the last time you slowed down to play a board game? Share your thoughts in a comment, post, or on social media using the hashtag #everdaygeekjuly. Thanks for reading!

Happy Wednesday! xoxo

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  1. Texting and IM has made our generation distant in so many ways. A long phone conversations or just sitting down to have a nice conversation over your favorite game is much better!