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Saturday, July 4, 2015

7 Ways to Let Your Geeky Side Shine Everyday

Day 4 of the July Everyday Geek Challenge! Today's prompt is 'everyday geekyness'. Don't forget to stop by Dia's blog to check out her posts!

Ridiculously blurry photo, but this is me dressed up as Rosie and AJ has a Red Shirt from Star Trek.
True geeks know that geekyness is not defined by the 'big things'. How many cons you attend, how many facts you know, and the amount of time you spend reading/watching/stalking a particular fandom. Rather, geekyness is defined by the sheer amount of joy you get from your fandom.

And because we all need more joy in our lives, here are some of my favorite ways to add a dash of geeky to your day-to-day. Some are subtle, some are loud, but all are guaranteed to lift your spirits and show your obsessive side!

01: Wear a geeky t-shirt.

02: Carve time into your busy day for reading. Bonus points if you use that time to pick up an old favorite.

03: Post quotes from your favorite fandoms on facebook, tumblr, or just on sticky notes on your mirror.

04: Take something you need, and give it a geeky twist. I love the ewok hoods Dia's been fun, and warm too!

05: Make your next friend get together a movie marathon. Lord of the Rings, anyone?

06: Go 'behind the scenes' of your favorite fandom. I recently read Creativity Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces that Stand in the Way of True Inspirationby Ed Catmull, which goes into the history and creative process of Pixar. Learning about the inner workings just made me love Pixar more (it also made me insanely excited for Inside Out...).

07: Don't be afraid to use too many references. Sometimes, I get into a tailspin of referencing a particular show three times a sentence...but is that really a bad thing?

How do you show your geeky side everyday? Are you more loud, or subtle? Chime in the comments, on your blog, or on twitter, tumblr, and instagram using the hashtag #everydaygeekjuly. And don't forget to stop by tomorrow for Day 5, 'why classics aren't just for school.' Thanks for reading!

Happy 4th! xoxo

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