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Sunday, May 17, 2015

prom (and gushing)

You know what's cool?

Being really, really different. Really, really, you. Really, really, un-cool.

We had prom last week. These are our photos. These sexy people are so, so dear to my heart. And every single one of them is so un-cool in the coolest way possible. I'm bragging for them today, because they're all too kind to brag enough about themselves.

From left to right:

Skyler is probably one of the most genuinely kind, gracious people I have ever met. She works so hard at her fast-food job, and her house-cleaning job. On top of that, she helps her mother (who's in politics) and rocks homeschooling. Plus she swing dances. I know.

Lily (my cousin!) is straight up hilarious. She plays basketball, and rides horses, and works weekends. She's one of my favorite people to get phone calls from, and is always up for adventures.

Rachel, aside from looking like a fashion model, is wicked smart and driven (she's doing early acceptance for med school!). We have a pretty constant email-stream going, and she's always so supportive and kind!

Also, let's talk about my dress. Even though she was in the middle of finals, Dia made it for me after I was complaining about buying one. This is just one example of all the times she's gone out of her way to do something special for me. I cannot gush about her enough. :)

Turner has an awesome, sarcastic sense of humor, composes his own dubstep, and is working towards his pilot's license. Oh, he also has a DJing business. And he DJ'd prom. So yeah.

Caleb is a dork. But he's also one of the most loyal, true friends I've ever met. He's really good at acting, mumbling funny comments under his breath, and is generally one of the best partners-in-crime around.

AJ (my brother!) wore purple high tops to prom, so there's that. Also he built his own PC, plays piano, has overall great taste in music, and let's me take advantage of his Dunkin Donuts gift cards.

Jacob is an emoji aficionado, shows dairy cows with 4H, and went to the Junior Olympics for fencing. :) He's always up for a video chat on skype, and tolerates Dia and I's craziness. Sorta.

Moral of the story: be so uncool you're cool. These dorks have my heart (and also: thanks for putting up with me guys).

Happy Weekend! xoxo

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