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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why Printed Pants Will Change Your Life

1.) They will teach you that print matching is a million times easier than you ever expected. It will also teach you that Fashion Bloggers have no right to talk about it as much as they do--it's not really a big deal.

2.) You'll have the comfort of pulling on jeans and a sweater 5 minutes before leaving the house, but everyone else will think you made a big effort, because OH MY WORD SHE'S NOT WEARING NORMAL DENIM.

3.) You'll get 4-season wear out of these babies. And we all know that's a huge bonus.

4.) You will use them to make great steps towards the social acceptability of talking pants in public. For some reason, whenever I truly love someone's pants, and I say, "Oh my! Those pants!" I get nothing but strange looks. I could say that exact same thing about a top, or a jacket, or shoes, and not be looked at like a witch at the local drowning, but for some reason saying you love someone's pants is not socially correct. If that's not inequality, I don't know what is. But while wearing printed pants, someone will inevitably say "I love those pants!", which makes great strides (strides! legs! pants! get it??!! hahaha....) for our cause. High fives for clothing compliment equality!

{Doing It All}

5.) They'll match literally everything. Green? Pink? Plaid? Another floral? Why not?!

6.)You'll feel like the most adorable six year old on the planet. Skipping around in these pants and ballet flats make me feel girly, silly, and obnoxiously cute. These are the grown up version of all those polka-dot leggings we used to wear.

7.) While the above is 100% true, these pants also send out major put-together vibes. I mean, you're a young woman so in control of her life that you can wear pants with flowers on them. Absolute genius.

{February 2015}
8. You'll make someone's day. Laugh all you want, but I know my day is made when someone walks in looking particularly cute. And there is some intelligent thought behind this. (1) That person has beat procrastination, laziness, and grumpiness because they got out of bed and pulled on something that makes them happy, (2) they've pulled on something outside of the norm (let's be honest...we seldom call someone's jeans + sweatshirt 'cute'), and (3) they're being themselves.

Because here's the thing about printed pants, and every other awesome article of clothing you own: wear it. Love it. Rock it. Because style isn't about clothes, it's about knowing yourself enough to express it through clothes. And that, ladies, will change your life.


  1. Got to get me some printed pants! You inspired me:)

    Great post!