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Thursday, April 30, 2015

:: April 2015 ::

5 Epic Things That Happened This Month:

+Skating in Ice Chips with my team, and doing a solo in my club's annual spring skating show.

+Making more time for yoga. Granted, I'm still not doing as much as I want to be...but I'd been really missing it and it feels good to be doing a couple videos a week.

+Actually doing week-endy things. Remember how I said Deanna and I's new years resolution was to be mores social? Well, this month we really made it happen. Nothing big...but honestly, meeting up with people on the weekends just completely changes my attitude and makes the week so much better. We went shopping, got coffee, and just hung out! And it was lovely.

+Hitting the school home-stretch!

+Being able to sit on the porch, ditch the coat, and even drive with the windows down a few times!!

Last Month's Goals:

+Do yoga more consistently. Yeppers! Although I need to get in the habit of doing a sequence in the morning.

+Skate in Ice Chips and my club's spring show. Yes, and it was so much fun!

+Go shopping!!! This has been a goal since January, and I finally did it! Still a couple things I need but it was great to finally get some stuff.

+Land a double salchow. Not yet, but it might be getting closer.

+Do a forearm headstand without help. Not quite!

This Month's Goals:

+ Land a double salchow.

+ Land a double toe-loop.

+ Do a forearm headstand without help.

+ Finish my Brit lit and psychology class.

+ Leave the month in good shape with chemistry, economics, and french 2.

+ Focus on getting Junior MIF test-ready.

Look how long my bangs are!

On The Blog:

+ This month, we talked about Growing Pains, and why printed pants will change your life. Then, I re-capped the Northeast TOI Festival and my freshman year.

+Deanna and I completed a 30 Day Disney Challenge this month! It was a lot of fun going through the prompts each day. She posted about it over on her blog, and I participated on tumblr!

Recommended Reads:

+Beauty Is....A Choice by The Refined Woman.

+Good Mythical Morning. I am so late to the party on this but they are AMAZING. Oh my word, this.

Hope your April was full of warm friends and warm weather!
Here's to a May with nothin' but good vibes.
Happy Thursday! xoxo

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  1. I love your goals this month! It looks like you did awesome on last month's as well. I also like how you moved the forearm headstand goal to this month, since you didn't quite get to it. Amazing dedication :)