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Saturday, March 28, 2015

:: March 2015 ::

5 Epic Things That Happened This Month:

+Went to Vermont Theater on Ice Festival! (Actually, I'm there now....stay on the lookout for a recap!). 

+Participated in 4-H County Activities Day for the last time before I age out. :( But I loved my speech and the day was awesome...we topped it off with a county-wide dinner out!

+Got to spend some much needed time catching up with Mikaela! We got to see Cinderella (and snuck fries and Moxie into the theater....). So good!

+Learned my new skating routine. And felt very refocused with my practices, so that's exciting!

+Felt a lot more in control, and was able to get back to a life rhythm I've been lacking.

Last Month's Goals (adding a section!):

+Stay focused. Actually, yeah! It took some time, but I've been able to get a good amount done and settle into a rhythm that allows me to consistently get stuff done, but not feel 'stuck'. 

+Do some much needed shopping. Ummm....nope. Woops.

+Push myself in each skating practice. Learned my routine, re-committed to off ice, and have been working harder during practices. 

+Have a better attitude. It took a bit, but I definitely feel like I'm leaving the month with a better attitude than I had going in.

Goals For Next Month:

+Do yoga more consistently.

+Skate in Ice Chips and my club's spring show.

+Go shopping!!

+Land a double salchow. :)

+Do a forearm headstand without help. 

On The Blog:

+This month, I asked your opinion on a prom dress, shared 5 Attitudes For A Happier Spring, and got cheesy talkin about friends.

+Also I started my tumblr back up! I've been posting there a couple of times a week. :) I'd love for you guys to check it out, I'm really enjoying sharing snippets through micro-blogging!

Recommended Reads:

+The cutest mommy-daughter yogi combo. Oh my word, I can't take the cuteness. 

+And from yours truly: Things Cousins Say, To New Skaters, and Doing It All.

How was your March? Kick a lot of butt?
Let's make a positive April, okay, Cheeka?
Happy Weekend! xoxo

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  1. Good luck on all of your goals! I love your skirt ;)

    1. Awwe, thanks! Thrifting for the win. :)