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Saturday, February 28, 2015

You Know All Those Things You've Always Wanted To Do?

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So far, 2015 has already been full of ups and downs.

And coming out of February, I've honestly been feeling a little stuck. I feel far away from what I want to do and the type of person I want to be. Sometimes, I just feel so blocked--like the hamster wheel of daily life keeps me from accomplishing anything of meaning.

I find myself waiting a lot. Looking forward to summer, to the weekend, to that far-off day when I'm a put together person and can get everything done seamlessly.

But, the time is now. This life is not eternity. We have one shot.

I'm good at envisioning the life I want. I can visualize a daily routine, make plans, and list goals like nobody's business. But I often get so caught up in details that I loose sight of the big picture, and forget to start at all.

If I want to be a positive, caring, kick-butt girl....then I need to channel that attitude today.

If I want to be the dedicated, artistic, strong athlete...then I better put in the ice time. And do some yoga.

If I want to be the smarty who's on track with homework...then I better sit myself down and start working on it.

And if I want to be the adventurous girl surrounded by incredible, energizing people....then I better make sure I'm caring for relationships and being open to new ones.

Today is the day to go to a yoga class. Apply to an Ivy-League. Open your Etsy shop. Text your crush. Try that new coffee shop. Eat a doughnut. You know those all those things you've always wanted to do? Well, you should go do them.

Happy Weekend! xoxo

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