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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stuff I Need To Remember To Do

Stuff I need to remember to do:

+Not snooze my alarm.
+Save for a car ($35 a week gets you there eventually...right?).
+Do yoga every day.
+Eat healthy.
+Don't binge on chocolate. Or cookies.
+Push during every single practice, even if your skates hurt.
+Go to bed before midnight.
+Be more patient.
+Check in with friends.
+Make time to write.
+Don't sit in bed while doing homework.
+Pray more often.
+Stop overthinking and trust God more often.
+Stay off pinterest during the day.
+Make plans to hang out with friends. Don't be a hermit.
+Put bandaids on my feet before skating. Ooouuuucccchhh.
+Make time to read!!
+Buy new snow boots. I broke mine. Yes, it IS possible to break boots.
+Blog once a week.

Stuff I wanna buy:

+Sorel-type-ish boots.
+Heeled caramel colored slouch boots.
+These jeans in classic. I bought them in dark wash with Christmas money and LOVE THEM!
+This LBD (possibly for prom).
+Protein bars.
+A new wallet but alas...probably not that one.
+This toy-story-esque poster.
+This P&P poster.

Stuff I'm looking forward to:

+Galentines Day with Deanna!
+All the epic combos in our TOI freeskate.
+Having my own new routine.
+A summer roadtrip with friends.
+The critiques coming up for our team.
+My last semester of high school! Evah!

Happy Tuesday! xoxo

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