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Saturday, October 25, 2014

October '14

(Yes, I'm attempting to bring the monthlies back, but with a slightly different format. Rather than strictly on the last day of each month, I'm attempting for a mid-month inspiration filled recap. Also, it will be looser, and not so structured. Don't forget out to try my 'five things to try' list at the end of the post, too, for some things we can try together until the next installment. Drop a line in the comments if you have a good idea!)

Not gonna lie, October's easily my favorite time of year. There's been more than one occasion, while out driving with the cold air and a scarf, that I've simply looked around in awe at all the leaves. There's one stretch of road on the way to the rink that is literally, entirely red. It's amazing. Of course, it's also been raining a lot the past week or so, so most of the leaves are gone and it's starting to look (and feel!) a lot more like November!

Skating's been great! Aside from the setback earlier this week with Novice MIF, things have been good. I skated two hours this morning and spent an hour with my coach, so we discussed the test and regrouped. Basically, I need to be more precise with everything, so this next week I'm really going to go at it and focus on the details. Tonight we're also going down for a whole 2-hour on-ice TOI practice, which I'm excited about because we're going to be working on CE choreography. Oh, and by the way, I am so in love with this whole idea of skating, like, multiple times a day. I feel so professional and dedicated. How did I not discover this sooner?!

I've also gotten more into yoga this month. I found the blog Yoga by Candace, and it's been great for learning new sequences. I've been doing her half hour videos a couple times a week, and my absolute favorite is this Heart Opening Feel Good Yoga flow. I'm also newly obsessed with the Wild Thing pose, and I may or may not do it in the kitchen when my parents are attempting to talk to me and I can't stop moving. Yes, I'm a wonderful daughter.

I also discovered Chobani this month; yes, the greek yogurt that's been popular for years. I'm really late to this party, but let me say, it's DIVINE. Most of the time we just buy the cheaper tubs of Vanilla Greek yogurt, which are lovely, and I mix it with berries and granola. But those little 89 cents containcers? Love them. So far I've only tried Black Cherry, but I want to try Pumpkin before they stop selling it, and someone going through my line at the grocery store I work at bought Grapefruit, and now I'm really curious about it.

Lest you think I've been extremely healthy this month, what with the yoga and greek yogurt and all, don't be fooled. Mum bought me a package of those pumpkin shaped Reese's PB cups, and they are so much BETTER than the regular ones. For one, they're larger and have more peanut butter inside, and I don't really have a second reason but they're better. I'm probably working the day after Halloween so I'm just waiting for all the candy to go on sale, and then I'm coming home with a pack of those and probably the Halloween-themed M&M's.

I've also had extreme cravings for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies, and I think that's going to have to happen tomorrow....

Other than eating and skating and working, I also went to a play this month, went to a Halloween party (where I was Rose the Riveter, duh, why are you even asking?), and planned a teen dance for area Homeschoolers that went SMASHINGLY. And wore my my new favorite scarf on repeat, but obviously, I'm the queen of repeat outfits. I need to do a whole post about this scarf, guys. Hold me accountable.

five things to try

2+ Fun socks (my brother has socks with pictures of breakfast foods on them, and I'm completely jealous. All my fun socks are either Christmasy or dying). 

3+ Black nails. Because it's classier looking than it sounds.

4+ All-purple workout clothes. I need to buy some lilac leggings.

5+ Just being kind, honest, open, and heart-felt with people.


  1. They must have gotten matching socks, J has eggs and bacon ones :P