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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Finding Focus

Lately, I've found myself just craving focus.

About a month ago, I honestly thought I was going crazy. My head was constantly buzzing. I made lists and then never accomplished anything on them. New thoughts and ideas were fluttering around in my head...but I couldn't do anything with them. I couldn't articulate them, or act on them. I couldn't settle in and work.

It's not the first time it's happened, either. I usually get like that when we're really busy, or I'm coming off of being lazy with no real 'routine'. It's just a result of being bored and being overwhelmed at the same time. While definitely annoying, it's the kind of thing you have to learn to work through. Yes, it might be easier to just curl up and do absolutely nothing....but that's not really going to help. Learning how to deal with this is a constant struggle, but I think I've finally hit on what works for me.

one // Pray. This one's a game changer to me. I sit still and just focus on telling God exactly what the problem is. I talk it out forever, and by the end, I feel such a release. It's not my problem any more. Praying never fails to give me some perspective so I can be okay with what happens next, and just focus on making the most of the situation at hand.

two // Take a walk. I love walks (especially in the fall and winter!). The fresh air and exercise is a great mood booster anyway, but for me, it always seems to stimulate a better attitude in terms of what work I have to do. Walks are a great time to talk yourself through problems, or simply let your mind wander and stop feeling so 'cluttered'.

three // Drive (with no radio). I once heard Glenn Beck say that one of the largest problems in our society is that people are afraid of silence. Our society is over-stimulated...we've got our phones, emails, playlists, texting, all the time. While there's something to be said for multi-tasking, sometimes just turning off the noise and letting our brains think is the better solution. After a twenty minute drive of quiet contemplation, I show up at the rink with a clear mind that's ready to go!

four // Journal. Just write it out!! Getting anything on paper, at the very least, gets it out of your head. Plus, you're more likely to end up with a plan or a new idea, which will let you get back to work even better than you were before.

five // Clean and organize. Most of the time, my mental clutter is the direct result of my physical clutter. Folding laundry, making my bed, or (gasp!!) cleaning off my desk is a gateway for inspiration and motivation. Plus who doesn't love a productive break?!

So there we have it! My five favorite ways to clear my mind and find focus.  As the school year approaches, I know I'll be putting these into play pretty often (and let's be honest, I've really needed them this summer, too!).


  1. All of these ways ring true to me. In particular, I'm a cleaner and a walker (although I should definitely be more of a prayer). Great post; I hope you get your focus back!