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Sunday, July 13, 2014

me things

Here's a list of my 'quirks'. Ack, that word.

1.) I spill at least one glass of water, every day. I'm not even kidding! It's a curse!! I'll either be gesturing while talking and whack it off the table, or I'll leave it on the floor and knock it over. Or I'll sit on it, again when I leave it on the floor. Mum doesn't even say anything anymore, she just rolls her eyes. It's expected.

2.) I get obsessive over my pen choice. They have to feel good, write good, and preferably not have black ink. Or red ink. And I don't like neon pink...I had to bring a neon pink pen to lit class, and I worried everyone was making assumptions about my personality based on my ink color choice. Because, let's be honest, that's something I would do.

3.) I'm actually fairly okay with making 'big' decisions...but I can't deal with little ones. This past winter I called Mum to ask her if I should get a coffee, or a hot chocolate. She said "both! Just mix them!" Ah, that woman is brilliant.

4.) I walk like my dad. Look at my dad's footprints in the snow: he walks so his left foot is perfectly straight, but his right foot is always turned out, sometimes so much his footprints make an 'L'. Mine doesn't turn quite that much, BUT they do look very similar. Mum once mistook my boot prints for Dad's, no lie.

5.) I cannot, for the life of me, say y'all. Some people totally pull of saying it, but I can hardly wrap my tongue around it. I also can't say gangster. I'll stick with Wicked, thank you very much.

6.) I'm pretty sure I'm un-diagnosed ADD. *fervent head nodding from all my friends*. Often, the ability to concentrate on a task (especially if the task is at all difficult) is totally lacking. Whoops.

7.) Containers are my friends. When I was younger, I would sort all my toys by type, then put them in labeled shoe boxes, then stack those boxes in my toy box. Now I just make desk organizers and carry multiple wallets at once.

8.) When it doubt, hang it up. I should really take some pictures of my walls to show you guys. One wall is the beginning of a photo collage, the other has sticky notes with specific, organized goals on them. Then I have random papers tacked onto a bulletin board, and another 'dream board', and then I have quotes tacked up on my window frame. I'm obsessed with hanging things up! I cannot stop. 

9.) I have been known to select lipstick color by name. I mean, seriously. Revlon's Gentleman Prefer Pink is my favorite name, but it sadly gets very little use, because it's bubblegum pink.

10.) I have to really love something at a thrift store to buy it if it's more than $3-$5 bucks. It needs to be the type of thing that would haunt my dreams if I didn't get it. Otherwise, it's too expensive!!!

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