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Saturday, April 19, 2014

What's In My Skating Bag?

What's In My Bag posts are, in my opinion, absolutely amazing (kind of envious of Caryly's polished posts!). Recently, though, I would just feel embarrassed to show you any of my bags...I've a chaotic, disorganized mess lately.

That being said, when I had my skating show last week I cleaned out my bag and got everything back in order! I'm completely ernergized to start organizing all my bags, now. :) So, have you ever wondered what this skater brings to the rink?

The Bag: I use a Transpack bag, and love the separate pockets for each skate (I get a little obsessive about right skate in right pocket, left skate in left pocket...). It's also fairly room on the inside, with one zippered pocket.

Skate pockets: I skate in Jackson's (with Excel blades) and absolutely love them. Right now, they live in boring black soakers.

Zippered pocket: In this little pouch, I keep my stack of CD's, my bunga pad, and some tissues (I go through so many boxes of tissues, it's not even funny...).

Main pouch: This is really the catch-all! I keep: my jump rope for off-ice warm up, skating guards, my skating journal, gloves, a towel, dryer sheets (best way to keep a bag fresh!), a water bottle, my wallet, and my cosmetic bag.

Cosmetic bag: I LOVE having an extra spot to store the littles. My cosmetic bag houses extra hair ties and bendi clips, a mirror, spare laces, skate-shaped sticky notes, a Pentel RSVP pen in hot pink, and my MP3 player.

That's about it! I love that everything fits so well with room to spare; usually I end up throwing an extra coat, a book, a change of clothes, and other stuff in, so it's nice to be able to grab and go without packing another bag!

Thanks for reading, everyone! Have a happy Easter tomorrow!

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