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Saturday, March 22, 2014

22 Of You!

Guess what, guys? Between Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin', there are 22 of you!

While I know in blogland that's not considered a lot, and those of you with your own blogs are probably snickering at me, I'm still really excited. 22 people, interested in me? In my writing? Dare I say my life?

And what's especially interesting, is that I don't know most of you in real life. I know some of you, but not the majority. Who would have thought?

I'm not going to lie, though. I wasn't one of those bloggers who started blogging 'for me', and therefore was completely surprised when I had some followers. Nope. Right from the start, I wanted to be successful. And go viral. And be looked to for all manners of advice, much like a Miss Manners or Emily Post. That was during my Snobby Starting Stage, you see, when my voice sounded like a 60 year old British woman from the Edwardian era. I'm not linking back to those posts simply because I don't want you reading them. Pretend there's not an archive directly to your right.

Anyways, I think we're all thankful I'm out of that stage, right? Over time, blogging has become more of a 'for me' thing. I love that my writing has gotten a lot better, that I've learned how to take decent outfit photos, that I now have a 'record' of my life, and even that my personal style has evolved, simply because I blog. Visiting with you guys every weekend, and thinking during the week about what I want to tell you, is special to me. So while blogging's become more 'for me', YOU have always become more important to me. Right now, I'm not as interested in getting tons of followers, but rather getting to know the ones I have. Blogging's all about community and connection, and the fact that you've bothered following me, tells me we must have something in common!

The best perk of having a smaller following is that I get to stalk each and every one of you (creepy, I know). And so, here you guys are:

We have my friend and first follower, Mikaela, who writes an awesome blog about being a Biathlon/Nordic skier.

We have Shinay Key, Christianna (gorgeous name, btw), Ariel, and Katie, and, er, Katie (HI!!!).

Then there's Emily of Emily's Vintage Visions, Tory of A Splash of Red, and Katie Louise (I love two part names!) of the the beauty blog, Katie Louise.

Let's not forget Veronica from A Country Victorian, Sunny from A Splash of Ink, Brona Joy (another lovely two-part name!) of Brona's Books, and Victoria (hi! you're an IRL person!) from Miss Wfle.

Also, here's a shout out to Mary and Lenaye, both in-real-life folks who are brave enough to also know me on the internet, and Natalya, who I do not know but whose name I want.

Then there are people on Bloglovin', who I don't stalk, because I don't have Bloglovin', and therefore can't.
:(  But I KNOW you're here, because you COMMENT, and I LOVE you. You should shamelessly link to yourselves in the comments, so I can actually put a face to your names.

Then there are the ever-supportive real life people, who I know come to my blog every now and then, and are always supportive. There's Deanna who blogs over at Time Lady Geek, Caleb, Bailey (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!), Mum, Dad, Aunt Sheila, and (last but not least!) the ever amazing Emily (who NEEDS to write her own fashion blog).

Hi guys. Thanks for being here. Thanks for reading. You mean an awful lot to me. I mean, WHY are you interested in actually reading this blog? I'm well aware there are bigger, larger, more regularly posting ones out there. But you're HERE (you might be THERE, too, I have no idea. I'm not that much of a stalker!). Just know that I don't take you for granted, and even though I'm only here once a week, I still love getting to know you guys.

I like to think that this blog gives something to you guys. Maybe a laugh, maybe encouragement, maybe thankfulness that you aren't as crazy as me. That's why I've switched from my weird, snobby do-things-this-way blog to a (hopefully!) more genuine, personal blog. But I've got to ask; is what I'm writing actually helpful to you guys? Why do you follow me?

As you probably know, I'm incapable writing blog posts that don't contain lists. So, here's what I'm asking you to do: which of these potential post titles jump out to you? What makes you want to read it? And here's the thing: for each and every one of you that comments with your pick, I WILL write that post. Maybe next week. Maybe three months from now. Maybe next year. But it WILL be written.

Here we go!

Driving With Gillian.

That Time I Lost Two Bras and a Bikini (I promise it's less scandalous than you think). 

Blue and Black DO go together.

Things My Family Says

Coffee Shop Adventuring  This has the potential for a post series!

Things 12 year-old me would be surprised about

Things Skaters Know

Why It's Awesome to be a Vintage Girl

Why Saying No is Saying Yes

A Day in the Life

I'll Wear You 'Till You Die

Yoga Poses for the splits

What's In My Skating Bag?

The Heels Question

Swoon-worthy Voices

Sanity Keepers

From the Boys As in, I'd get the guys I'm friends with to guest post as an ongoing-series-ish-thing. (Hi guys!)

So, what was your favorite? Was I too creepy with my naming you all? What do YOU want me to post about?

Happy Saturday!


  1. Aww! Thanks for the shout out. :) As for which I'd love to read...all of them!


    1. No problem! Well then, I better get writing! Thanks for following! :)

  2. I'm a sucker for the outfit of the day posts. Those are my favourites!
    Thanks for the "shout out":)

    1. Well, I can DEFINITELY guarantee there will be more outfits! Thanks for following! :)