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Friday, February 28, 2014

Monthlies: February '14

f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 4
Modelling with breakfast cookies, and a prom dress preview!
In February:
-Passed Intermediate MIF!
-Started working on the Novice MIF test.
-Did a lot more hanging out with friends.
-Fell in love with Psych again.
-Started some to-do list habits that might actually work for me.
-Finally got to listen to Beck and Rush again, since Dad fixed the car radio!!

Goals for March:
-Do a well put-together demonstration and speech at 4-H County Activities Day.
-Start 4-H Fashion Revue projects.
-Really push with school.
-Land an axel.
-Mange my email better.

Books Read this Month:
Read My Bonny Light Horseman (Bloody Jack #6) by L.A. Meyer which was (obviously) fantastic. I also listened to The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride #1) by James Patterson while driving to the rink, since the car radio was on the fritz. I was disappointed, honestly, because I'd heard some much about Patterson and this book was no where near 'amazing'. It was good, and I could see others liking it, but I still don't feel the need to finish the series. I've also been reading several short stories and some of Robert Frost's poetry for lit class.

Reading Goals for March:
After ditching the audio book of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen because it was taking me too long to finish, I re-started the book in print (I know that doesn't make sense, but whatever). So, I'd like to finish that. I've really had a preference for light-hearted chick lit lately, so I'd also like to read either Sweet Tea and Secrets, A Weekend With Mr. Darcy, or The Cubicle Next Door.  In a dream world I would also pick up The Two Towers for a re-read, but we'll see. :)

Recent Favorites:
This post,  this outfit,  and this photo  from The College Prepster. And yes, I'm blog crushing.
This Master Muffin Mix from Sally's Baking Addiction! So much experimenting!
On a more serious note, this post from A Beautiful Mess was really comforting to me.
This incredible quote. I refuse to be bored!
And this hysterical quote, from none other than The Other Juliette: Did he REALLY just say that?

On The Blog:
Published 5 posts this month! I wish I could blog more, but I must say, this weekly post thing is perfect for me right now. This month I admitted to my first fictional character crush, and then followed it up with my Fictional Character Dream Boyfriend Wishlist. We talked winter-time reads in a reading list to break out of a slump, and wrapped it all up by linking to The Sunday Currently. Oh! Let's not forget that one of last month's posts, 15 Winter Wardrobe Rants, has made it into Young Yankee Lady's top 10-most-read posts! It's exciting because it's the only one that deserves to be there!

Thanks for reading today, guys! Check back in this weekend for this week's 'official' post! Have a happy March!

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