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Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Collection of Things

I never know what to say after a holiday. I feel like I'm supposed to share a bunch of photos of my adorable family, piles of presents, and food, but for some reason that never feels right. Plus we're not a family of picture takers, and my thoughts are too muddled to do a really good 'thankful for' post or something. So. Umm, have a nice Christmas?

Oh, I almost forgot! My belated Christmas present to you: weird-indoor-Christmas-outfit-selfies. You're welcome.

Christmas outfit black dress red belt lipstick via Young Yankee Lady

+Christmas really was lovely. Good food, good friends, lots of reading, and of course lots of little cousins. I really can't ask for more.

black dress black flats via Young Yankee Lady

+After a rather ho-hum-not-really-into-it Christmas season, Christmas was lovely. Oh wait, I already said that...

+My room is really dusty. I've been cleaning it out all weekend and I'm appalled by how much dust settles after eight months (oops).

+I saw The Desolation of Smaug! And I have many, many thoughts. I don't want to get into that know, as I'm still not emotionally capable of talking about it, but soon. BUT. I will risk being indelicate and say: I was right.

Christmas outfit black dress red belt red lipstick via Young Yankee Lady
blegh. blurriness.
+For Christmas I got three perfect paperbacks of The Lord of the Rings. I can't wait to crease them, write in them, and otherwise christen them. I'm starting with The Two Towers after I finish my current read.

+I've been on a major Jane Austen kick lately. I've been reading Becoming Jane Austen, listening to Pride and Prejudice, and re-watching the 1995 P&P adaption. *sigh*. Jane makes every day perfect.

+SHERLOCK. It is coming. January 19, everyone!!! I'm considering swearing of Pinterest, since the BBC gets it on January 1, so I don't get spoilers. But I probably won't, because, well, a day without Pinterest? Unthinkable.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Happy New Year, XOXO, and all that good stuff. TTFN!

(And thanks for reading!).

Outfit Details: dress / / gift (jc penny's), belt / / stole from grandma, flats / / gift (jc penny's), lipstick / / revlon's 'love that red', bracelet / / gift (nicole's).

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