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Friday, November 29, 2013

You've Got Mail

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday! Ours was...perfect. It was a great day, and I couldn't have asked for anything better. :) The cousins slept over, so now we're just hanging out and enjoying some time to relax, eat leftovers, and play some very competitive card games.

Thanksgiving Day almost always ends in a movie for us....and yesterday, it ended in two. The younger cousins came over for dessert, so we all watched Elf. Christmas classic, no? :) They loved it, but after they left for the night, Mum, Dad, The Girls and I curled up for a romantic comedy. With pie, of course, as if we hadn't had enough already.

We watched You've Got Mail, starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. And it was too adorable. I gushed all night and I'm still gushing now.

Okay people, I love romantic comedies. Or at least the idea of them. I don't like catty, superficial movies that show the bad side of girls. I like adorable, happy ending movies filled with warm feelings and lots of cute quotes. And good acting. So yes, I love good romantic comedies.

You've Got Mail, though, is probably one of my favorite movies ever. The heroine is Kathleen Kelly, who owns the Shop Around The Corner, a children's bookstore that she inherited from her mother. The hero is Joe Fox, a millionaire who's opening a chain 'cheap' bookstore across from her shop, and eventually drives her bookstore into the ground. While all this is going on, Joe and Kathleen are corresponding with their dream person through email and chat group. Under the names Shopgirl and NY152, their emails cover everything from books to light-hearted stories to personal struggles. Neither knows who is on the other side of these conversations.

I want to be Kathleen Kelly. I just want to quit life and make that movie my life story. First off, she owns a children's bookstore, and has 'taste and class'. Plus her apartment's adorable, with stacks of books everywhere and lots of bright colors. She's a softy and romantic at heart, but is still extremely sensible and intelligent. She is just classy and caring, and I love her.

Did I already mention that I'm obsessed with this movie? Because I am. And I'm planning on watching it again before returning it the library. I don't do that, people. I never watch a movie again right after I've already watched it. That is how much I'm loving this movie.

So, lets' recap. Here are all the reasons to go watch You've Got Mail right now:

1.) The hero and heroine both own bookstores.

2.) There are lots of Pride and Prejudice references.

3.) Their emails are the cutest, deepest, most eloquent things ever.

4.) Joe's friend is hysterical. Watch it for him.

5.) Kathleen's apartment is worth copying.

6.) Did I mention it also has stacks of books everywhere?

7.) There are so many relateable moments. Like when she's running around in a trench coat over her pajamas.

8.) It's one of the classiest, cleanest romantic comedies I've ever seen.

9.) The entire movie is all about what's being said. The words are amazing.

Please, please go watch it. Right now. My family is sick of hearing me gush but I still need to vent all these adorable feelings. Comment, and we can be all crazy-girly together.

Go watch it.

I'll wait.


  1. Oooh I'm know what I'm doing tomorrow. I'm curling up with a cup of tea and watching that again! If you like You've Got Mail and old black and white movies, I highly recommend The Shop Around the Corner with James Stuart and Margaret Sullavan.

    1. haha, Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation, I'll be sure to check it out!


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