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Monday, October 7, 2013

TCC: October Meme

Today, I'd like to suggest you go visit Jessica from The Bookworm Chronicles. We seem to have similar taste in books, and she always has something insightful to say. I found her through The Classics Club, and find her list really inspiring. It's filled with everything from children's classics to some pretty daunting reads! So far, I think her TCC review I've found the most helpful is The Great Gatsby. It's a classic I've always heard mixed thoughts about, so reading her post got me interested in trying it.

Recently while clicking through some of her archives, I found a review she had written for her re-read of The Hobbit,. It was an amazing post. It's very hard to express your thoughts on a book that has meant a lot to you. There's always a feeling that you aren't doing the book justice. Jessica, however, does a fantastic job in this post. Definitely pop over and read it, all you wannabe Hobbits, it's a real pick me up!

Linking up to the October Meme: Question 15 at The Classics Club.

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