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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last Week {absolutely october}

Did It {last week}
  • Skated five times.
  • Bought a pattern and some lining for a new sewing project.
  • Made an apple crumble. 
  • Had interviews for 4-H Spirit Award.
  • Helped out in the 4-H booth at a grand opening of Tractor Supply.
  • Finished Mississippi Jack by L.A. Meyer on audio.
Do It {this week}
  • Stay on track with school. Stop procrastinating.
  • Push myself harder during each skating practice.
  • Develop a new yoga and off-ice workout routine.
  • Make some new, good habits.
  • Go to bed early, at least a couple of times.
  • Eat healthier.

This past week was so.....October. It was freezing cold outside, we had the woodstove going inside, and warm apple cider to sip. Yum. The leaves are almost all dropped, letting us know that November is truly coming. 

I am so tired today. Towards the end of the week, everything is so much harder. This week, I'm going to try re-adjusting how I work so I hopefully won't end the week burnt out. It would be so nice to not have schoolwork hanging over my head for the weekend, so that I could use Saturdays as a creative, domestic day and Sundays for knitting, reading, and doing absolutely nothing. What can I say? I'm lazy.

"Let's get rich and buy everybody nice sweaters, and teach them how to dance." -via Pinterest

Loving Lately:
I'm considering curling up and never moving. Who's with me?

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