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Friday, October 11, 2013

Have a Mary Tyler Moore type of day!

How many of you have ever watched the Mary Tyler Moore show? It's an adorable 70's show, and was actually the first television series to ever star an independent, career-driven, single young woman. Usually when I get in a bit of a rut, I start wanting to have a 'Mary Tyler Moore type of day'. Something filled with color and energy, great friends, hard work, and special little details. She's peppy, smart, cute, and has a great sense of humor. Just who every girl wants to be, right?

With that in mind, here's my list for how to infuse some Mary Tyler Moore fun into your day (and maybe kick you out a rut in the process).

1.) Be healthy. 
Make healthy, nutritious choices, start the day with some yoga, or grab a friend for a talkative stroll. Just make the commitment to be healthy today, and I can guarantee you, it will be easier to continue healthy habits tomorrow.

2.) Look fantastic. 
Did Mary ever leave the house NOT dressed to the nines (even if it was in....interesting...70's clothes)? While your style might be worlds apart, take a lesson from her pull on some kitten heels and a classy skirt, and do your makeup.

3.) Take some time with your hair. 
Now, honestly, usually my hair is just thrown up in a braid or a bun. Her gorgeous, bouncy bob, however, is great inspiration to try to make a little more effort.

4.) Connect with friends. 
When ever we talk about Mary Tyler Moore, you can't not mention Rhodda. Take some inspiration from the two of them and connect with your best friend today. The best part of their friendship? It's not always expensive, elaborate plans. Most of the time, they're simply sitting on the couch and chatting. So catch up with your girlfriends today!

5.) Be polite. 
It's safe to say that Mary has to deal with a lot. From obnoxious boyfriends, to meddling Phyllis, to work day stress, Mary's days are far from perfect. Through it all, however, she's always polite. She stands up for herself, but she doesn't lose her temper.

6.) Fresh flowers! 
Take your own spin on Mary's desk rose, and add some color to your room. Whether it's a fresh-cut bouquet or a house plant, flowers liven up the space and adds feminine charm.

7.) Be proud of your room/apartment. 
Mary's apartment has been refereed to as 'TV's most famous bachelorette pad!'. So why not channel her and update your space a little? It doesn't take much, perhaps new sheets, a bowl of fruit, or some organizing is just the trick!

8.) Just smile. 
I don't know about you guys, but Mary's big, genuine grin is one of my favorite things about her. Let's all make the commitment to smile a little more today, and this week. It'll change your outlook and possibly make someone's day. What's there to loose?

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