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Thursday, September 5, 2013

How do you like your books??

The Book Chewers have done it again! Another clever, cute, and far too fun link-up I can't resist. Today's prompt is 'how do you like your books?'. Make a list of your reading faves, and then string together a couple combos that our sounding really good right now.

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Snuggled up in my bed, under a warm afghan.

On the bench outside of the skating rink waiting to be picked up.

Laying on top of pillows in front of the wood stove in the middle of winter.

Laying on the sun porch couch, with lots of light.

Genres and Authors:

Mysteries, especially good classics like Agatha Christie.

Dramatic, high-energy adventure books like L.A. Meyer.

Classic romances like Jane Austen.

Fan-fiction, like Nancy Springer and Pamela Aidan.

Young Adult, like John Green.

Something bonkers, like Lewis Caroll.

Well-written fantasy, like J.R.R. Tolkien.


A big handful of M&M's.

Chocolate chips and butterscotch chips, all mixed together in a coffee mug.

Tea, especially peppermint.

Soft, gooey brownies.

Homemade good for you candy.

Right now I'd like.....

To lay in the sun porch with The Two Towers and eat some good for you candy.

To perch on the skating bench with a Bloody Jack in hand, with a big handful of M&M's.

To curl up in my bed with an Agatha Christie, and tea, and M&M's.

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  1. "Something bonkers like Lewis Carroll" Haha! Well put. Love it.

    Thanks for linking up!