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Thursday, August 29, 2013

On Slumps

Slumps. They're annoying, eh?

You wake up and pull yourself out of bed. You really, really don't want to give up, but it's not because of your bed being oh-so warm and comfy. It's not pleasant. You're not smiling to yourself. And there, my friends, is the start of the slump.

You've been doing tons of blogging for the last week or two. Feeling all inspired. Then, suddenly, you can hardly concentrate enough to write anything coherent. So you go on Pinterest, instead.

You've literally been a reading machine this summer....four books read in August already? Awesome! Feeling motivated, you check out five YA novels from the library. And then you start a book that's simply okay, and your slump continues....

Impending start of school. You feel like you're on a giant countdown. But you don't even feel ready to start, and you can't do anything to get organized, because you lack the notebooks and sticky notes necessary to your existence.

The days are long, and yet, you never get anything done.

You decide to loose a couple pounds. Who needs to carry extra weight around? Then, you sit down and pin cupcake recipes. *le sigh*

Everything seems difficult. Everything is boring. You know that soon, you'll be literally forced out of this slump by due dates, required reading, hectic fair season, bumping up ice time, and all that other crazy stuff. But for right now, you're sitting here, reading this.

I suppose there should be a point to all of this. But I don't have one. Let's just commiserate with each other, then. Summer's almost over, and I'm really looking forward to getting back to the routine. For fall. For cardigans. And tea. And having to add layers to step outside. It's my favorite. And I'm ready for this slump to flee. I hate slumps. Nooo....hate's too strong a word. That's another thing I strongly dislike about slumps. Everything is so boring, that you don't even have the inclination to use strong language to describe them.

Blegh. I'm done with hoe-hum.

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