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Saturday, August 24, 2013


Last week, I mentioned my life-list. I really didn't do it justice in those two sentences, though, so I thought it deserved a post of its own. :)

Once again, I started this last November after coming home from National 4-H Congress. There I had heard Dan Thurmon speak, and like everyone else in the room, left inspired. Seriously, he is amazing, and I would gladly take any chance to hear him again.

Anyway, he talked about one man who had created a life-list when he was 15 years old. Basically, this boy just sad down and spilled out everything single wish and dream, no matter how crazy it sounded. He included everything from 'read through the Bible' to 'Be the first to explore (a bunch of previously unexplored) rivers in South America.' The guy ended up with a list of 600+, and has checked off almost all of them. But he didn't stop there. Since then, the same man has made numerous other lists, with equal success.

Dan Thurmon's main point in all of this was that it's one thing to think about something, but working towards it is entirely different. By writing down matter how're basically telling yourself, "This is real. I can do this." Plus, writing it down holds you accountable. It's no longer just a wish, it's an actual-on-paper-goal, and it will stare at you blankly forever if you don't cross it off.

We should all aim to complete more in life than what's expected. We don't have to go explore the Amazon, but then again, why not? Everything extraordinary that has ever been accomplished by human kind was accomplished by people just like you. We are so blessed to live in a society where we have the means to do lots of things. Why waste it? Why not take it for all it's worth?

The beauty of these lists is that they show you the relationship between your 'small' dreams and your 'big' dreams. My list has things like "Sew a green coat", "play the Pride and Prejudice theme on the piano", and "read through the Bible." They're sitting there right alongside "skate with Disney on Ice", "Tour Europe", and "own a breakfast and lunch shop."

Basically, there is no such thing as a 'small' dream. If it's important enough to you to write down, then it's important enough to complete. Chances are, the more we accomplish the 'small' things, the easier than 'big' ones will be. The point is to be setting goals, holding ourselves accountable, and always striving to be better individuals. Each and every life has the potential to be amazing, regardless of your situation.

In that spirit, here's my life-list. I actually was undecided about sharing this, but it seems like the right thing. It's quite long, so don't feel obligated to read it. Some of things may seem silly or vague, but just remember that this is my list with no editing. These aren't the detailed plans that might exist in my head, just the end result or basic idea. :)

1.) Write a successful blog.
2.) Publish a 'Young Yankee Lady' and 'NH Farmer Wife magazines'.
3.) Be a nomadic writer.
4.) Write a blog about being a nomadic writer.
5.) Write a western romance (or several!).
6.) Write a WWII romance novel.
7.) Write non-fiction.
8.) Read the Bible.
9.) Do my 'for the betterment of her mind' reading list.
10.) Read several books a month in addition to that.
11.) Decorate my room at Christmas. 
12.) Sew a green coat.
13.) Finish Algebra on time. 
14.) Take economics.
15.) Skate with Disney on Ice.
16.) Land a double lutz.
17.) Do a layback spin.
18.) Give out all homemade gifts at Christmas.
19.) Learn to knit socks.
20.) Ride a plane all dressed up.
21.) Pass senior MIF.
22.) Pass senior free skate.
23.) Picnic on the other side of the Reservoir.
24.) Visit the Library of Congress.
25.) Start a 'classic clothing basics' clothing line.
26.) Open a boutique.
27.) Have my own general store called Beanie's.
28.) Knit a pair of leg warmers.
29.) Visit Pemberlry.
30.) Be in skating magazine.
31.) Have my own little farm with a lovely family.
32.) Learn to play Jane Austen music on the piano.
33.) Visit family in Denmark.
34.) Go out swing dancing with a cowboy.
35.) Write a book about Grandma and Grandpa Eddie and Galt.
36.) Tour Europe.
37.) Learn to speak French.
38.) Learn to speak Latin.
39.) Learn German.
40.) Learn Greek.
41.) Learn Danish.
42.) Make a friend who's Amish.
43.) Take a picture of me doing a layback spin in front of Rockefeller Center.
44.) Start a 4H exchange program.
45.) Build up OMK in Strafford County.
46.) Welcome troops home.
47.) Start a quality, classic sewing line.
48.) Learn to sketch.
49.) Send a message to a friend using flowers.
50.) Live like a Hobbit. :)
51.) Read Jane Austen. 
52.) Start a program for our 4H club to work with other clubs to get them more involved in 4H.
53.) Live in the wilderness without electricity.
54.) Create a capsule wardrobe.
55.) Study art appreciation.
56.) Go on The Amazing Race (with Deanna).
57.) Finish all my subjects on time with a solid A.
58.) Live at the Beasily's and fix up the yard and house.
59.) Go out with a pilot for a night of dancing.
60.) Write love letters back and forth.
61.) Build up our church's  food pantry.
62.) Knit a fair isle sweater.
63.) Translate the Hobbit from Latin.
64.) Over the summer, make a rough draft for one of my novels.
65.) Have at least three people read and critique it.
66.) Write a second draft.
67.) Shear my own sheep by myself.
68.) Spin my own sheep's yarn.
69.) Write a prequel to The Hobbit about Kili.
70.) Do a split.
71.) Write to Gerald Morris.
72.) Sew everyday for a month.
73.) Make a personalized dress form.
74.) Make sketches to go with my Kili novel.
75.) Have a secret cabin the woods.
76.) Read some of Anthony Horowitz's books.
77.) Write to Alan Alda.
78.) Read Dan Thurmon's book.
79.) Read the book with the 'life lists' that Dan Thurmon talks about.
80.) Write to Frank Guinta.
81.) Write my futuristic short story.
82.) Write my 'lifetime' screenplay.
83.) Try doing fan art for Disney-especially vintage princesses.
84.) Read Hosea.
85.) Read Revelations.
86.) Write to Richard Armitage.
87.) Skate with a TOI troupe.
88.) Compete at Regionals.
89.) Land an axel.
90.) Read the Silmarillion.
91.) Skate a 'high-level' solo at the spring skate show.
92.) Join the Air Force.
93.) Re-decorate my room.
94.) Sew Abby a Christmas dress.
95.) Make a complete victorian outfit.
96.) Rent a beach cottage with The Puzzle.
97.) Start my Etsy pattern shop.
98.) Comment in lit class at least once every class for an entire year.
99.) Publish something.
100.) Get my license.
101.) Be club president and work really hard to make 'best-better' changes int he club.
102.) Go on a 3-day hiking trip.
103.) Go on a canoe/camping trip.
104.) Excercise six days a week for an entire year.
105.) Write letters to myself for ages 23, 32, and 60.
106.) Finish French on time.
107.) Finish Biology on time.
108.) Do a lift-your-leg spin.
109.) Take a senior picture of me doing a split.
110.) Learn to do a really good hand stand.
111.) Work through our pilates DVD.
112.) Breed sheep.
113.) Absolutely fill my window sill with plants.
114.) Make a purple trench coat and pants outfit for Fashion Revue, and wear it with those brown heels.
115.) make a gray a-line skirt to go with my green coat.
116.) Read all of Tolkien's books.
117.) Do an Ina Bauer.
118.) Try pair skating.
119.) Walk around during my speech at Big E.
120.) Coach skating.
121.) Buy a really nice little planner.
122.) Loose five pounds before school starts.
123.) Write a homeschool lit and English curriculum.
124.) Be a 4H extension educator.
125.) After I graduate, start a new 'single lady' blog.
126.) Own a 'paper and pen shop'.
127.) Own a 'breakfast and lunch shop', with a coffee bar.
128.) Study chicken coloring genetics by breeding my own birds.
129.) Write a backyard breeder's book about chicken genetics.
130.) Do a classics club list.

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. You have lots of plans and ambitions! I love it! I can definitely relate to the ones about writing and getting published! And you have quite a few languages you want to learn, too!