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Monday, August 12, 2013

Did ya miss me?

Hello, blog readers! Well, we got back from MO yesterday afternoon. It was so nice to visit family. Some of them I hadn't seen since I was 7. Needless to say, we're already looking forward to our next trip! Some highlights were eating breakfast at Cindy's, Worlds of Fun, going to the Redsox/Royals game, an awesome pool with lots of slides, and all the food! I seriously did nothing but eat. :)

Anyway, this is just a quick post to let you know I'm alive! I hope everyone enjoyed the pre-written posts, especially August's guest post! I'll be back with 'proper blogging' tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the pictures.

Inside the Mark Twain Cave in Hannibal.

My Mum and Uncle Lleldan...

My brother AJ and Cousins Lily and Ena and I outside the abandoned Berry church.

Uncle Jimmy with us cousins.

Baking cookies at Aunt Karen's. 

The rocket ship slide!!!

Walking around the Berry cemetary.

Our sign at the Royals/Redsox game!!!

Ena and I...
Thanks for reading! :)

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