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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


"You have to want it."

"No one can do this but you."

"You're too distracted. You have to be dedicated."

Those were some of the most memorable lines from a recent conversation with my mum. In a moment of insecurity, I had asked her whether she thought Disney on Ice was an achievable skating goal. Let's be honest; I've got a long way to go before I am even up to a level of applying. The entire car ride home we talked about it, and I did genuinely feel better by the end of it.

The fact is, Disney is a hard goal to work towards. It's big, slightly scary, yet not impossible. Yes, there is the potential for me to fail and never skate with them. But what goal doesn't have the potential to fail?

Simply put, I have three options. I could do nothing because Disney is too large of a goal. I could go along half-heartedly but be unwilling to really dedicate myself to skating. Or, I could put every ounce of myself into it, so that even if I fail, I can still look back with no regrets.

Lovely blog readers, I'm going with option three. I will never, ever regret having skated 'too much', but I know I will regret not giving it my all. This fall, I plan on skating five days a week. I'm going to arrange to have an hour a week with my coach. On one of the days when I don't skate, I'll do some form of off-ice training, whether it be biking or Pilates or dry-jumping. I'm going to try and eat better so that I can keep up with myself. I'm going to stretch while watching TV to increase my flexibility.

Mum was right. I am too distracted. On a legal pad, I made a 'lifetime' list of things I want to do someday. Currently there are 120 different goals, and I'm always adding more. I will do them someday, but right now, I need to realize that I can't chase them all at one. Now is the time for me to do well in school, enjoy my last years in 4H, and most of all skate. Instead of running in many different directions, I need to focus and accomplish those goals so that later, I'll have time for the other stuff.

I'm still going to read. I'll always make up stories in my head, and write out ideas for novels. I'll still look up vintage outfits on Pinterest, and scheme about all the things I could sew. My other interests will still be there and still happen, but instead of stressing that I'm not 'doing everything', I'm just going to put skating first. If I have time and desire, great. If not, at least I'm working towards my immediate goals.

So that's my goal. Difficult yes, but impossible, no. What about you? What do you want to accomplish in your life, before you graduate, this year or this week? Stop telling yourself a goal is too big. It's a surefire way to never accomplish it. Even if we fail, we'll be better people because of the work we put into achieving our goal. So, there really is no loosing!

Thanks for reading! :)

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