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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sewing Project Inspiration

Well, I'm going to have to delay showing you my latest sewing project yet again...still don't have camera batteries! Hope you enjoy today's substitute post. :)

It's impossible to got to 4-H Fashion Revue without coming back feeling inspired! So many pretty, unique clothing pieces! So, I thought it might be fun to put together a post with some recent ideas that have been floating around in my head. I'm not sure if I'll ever get to these, as I seem to think about sewing more than I actually sew, but still. :)

I'm thinking of using Colette's Anise Jacket to sew a wool coat. I could use it for Leadline sheep classes at fairs, where you have to have an outfit of at least 75% wool. I've fallen in love with bright green coats lately...

Isn't that just a lovely color?? And I'd need something to wear with it, of course....but I can't decide between an a-line or pencil skirt! I think I'd want to do it in a pretty charcoal gray. Or maybe I should go another route, and try making cigarette pants or something...

I could either make these in a pretty gray like the one above, or perhaps I could be loud and do do black and white houndstooth! That would be fun. :)

I sort of want to make one of these cute midriff tops, like Casey's. It would be so comfortable to wear around the house on humid days, or at the beach when you want to take off your wet bathing suit. I'd probably copy her and make a polka-dot one, too. :)

One of the girls at Fashion Revue had made a lovely dress featuring a busy, floral print. I fell in love with the simple, princess-seamed design, and have been scheming ways to re-create it ever since. I would definitely choose a busy print like the one above for it. Butterick B5417, which I used on this dress would work.

I'd probably make the shorter skirt length this time around, making it more suitable for day wear or with flats. I'm leaning towards the puff sleeves version, with the awesome wrap-around belt that I love. :) 

via American Duchess
I've also been contemplating doing a white on white print dress using that Butteick pattern...maybe the shorter version, with no belt and butterfly sleeves? Just something light and fresh for summer.

I saved the best project for last.....anyone want to know what my head's been concocting for next years FR dress???

Use a relatively simple, elegant design, like this lovely Modcloth dress...

Or maybe something like this...I'm loving the spaghetti straps on this one. I think I want to make it in a navy blue, or something....elegant, dark, and versatile. I definitely gravitate towards darker colors with my formal stuff, but it's what I feel looks nicest with my hair and skin tone. The main reason I'm being so attracted to these simple styles is the lovely, straight skirt. Very different from the skirt on my last project! :)

So, that's it for now! HOPEFULLY I'll get some batteries  and actually show you my dress. :) Until then, thanks for reading! :)

Your Thoughts?: Any fun sewing projects in the works? What are you excited to sew at the moment?

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