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Sunday, April 14, 2013

30 Day Disney Challenge...Days Eleven Through Fourteen

Hello everyone!! Well, you've probably noticed that the 30 Day Disney Challenge posts have been scarce the past couple of days. I had my skating show on Saturday (videos coming soon!), which resulted in me skating almost every day last week, plus school, and 4-H stuff, so I was just too burnt out to go through all the photo-finding and linking. :) So, I thought it may be easier to do one post today to catch up, rather than publish multiple posts. :) Please, don't shy away from leaving links and comments! Deanna and I love to hear from you.

Day Eleven: Favorite Animal Sidekick:

The best animal sidekick is definitely Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. Unlike many of the other animal sidekicks that are there for more of a comic/cute factor, Sebastian genuinely moves the plot along. He has his own struggles about whether or not to help Ariel, rather than just blatantly following her. My first runner up would probably be Mushu, from Mulan. I just think he's hilarious. And my least favorite is probably the raccoon from Pocahontis, whose name I can't remember. Primarily for the fact that I cannot remember his name, so he must not have been that interesting. :P

Day Twelve: Favorite Non-Animal Sidekick:

My favorite non-animal sidekick has got to be Lefou from Beauty and the Beast. Of course he's technically a bad guy, as he's Gaston's sidekick, but I still think he's hilarious. Especially when he sings in the bar. :) My first runner-up is is Yao from Mulan. He's the little short guy with the black eye. I honestly don't know who to pick for least-favorite. Any suggestions?

Day Thirteen: Favorite Outfit:

My favorite outfit is the blue dress Ariel wears in the Kiss the Girl scene. I've always loved this dress...from the corset top to the flowy skirt, not to mention the giant hair bow! My second favorite would probably be the one Aurora in Sleeping Beauty wears, when she is still Briar Rose. My least favorite is Snow White's blue and yellow's too juvenile, and the colors really don't match.

Day Fourteen: Favorite Villain:

I absolutely love Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians. She is entirely evil, and crazy, yet still has a forced glamour about her. She scares me, and that makes her a good villain. My first runner-up is Ursuala from The Little Mermaid. My least favorite is probably...the evil stepmother in Cinderella. I just fail to see her motive.

Phew! All caught up! :) I'll try to be good, but things are still pretty busy so these 'collection' posts may become more frequent!

Before I leave, I just wanted to let everyone know that American Duchess is hosting a giveaway for their gorgeous Highbury Regency Shoes! Although I have never bought any of their shoes so can't recommend them on a personal level, I know they do strive to provide historically accurate, comfortable shoes at good prices. These regency shoes are pretty cool, as they are dyeable and have loops for you to add lace-up ribbons! So head over there and enter the giveaway. :)

Your Thoughts?: What are your favorite sidekicks, villains, and outfits? What do you think of my picks? Any interest in seeing videos of my routine? 

Thanks for reading! Check back in later for favorite romantic moment. :)

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