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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I ♥ Thursday...Volume 1

Ello, dolls! Fellow readers of Bramblewood Fashion will realize that it's I <3 Thursday time! This super fun link-up is something I've been thinking of trying for awhile, and I'm so excited to start! I <3 Thursday is all about sharing your weekly favorites; whether that's quotes, books, movies, clothes, pictures, literally whatever you like! 

So, what have I been <3-ing this week?

Disney Medley by Doo Wop Shop! I found this on Pinterest and seriously laughed the entire time. :) So worth the watch! These guys are hilarious. I'm smiling now just thinking about it.

I'm just loving this look right now!! Green? Upturned collar? Bangle bracelets? Yes!

This article from Nerd Machine on why Roger from 101 Dalmatians is the best Disney male character; even though he isn't a prince! Yay Roger! :)


This quote is says it all about skating. So many days it's hard, and you get stuck, or feel like you're no good. Some people take it as a reason to quit, but for the ones who keep going, those hard days turn into one of the reasons you love this sport.

Double Chocolate Zuccinni Muffins!!! These are amazing. :) So moist and gooey! I mixed the dry ingredients together early in the week, than saved them in a mason jar so I could easily put them together before school. :) I'm so making these again!!

10 Reasons to keep learning (and reading!) once you're done with school. It's so important to keep your mind alive and thinking!

Edit ruthlessly! I'm trying to get better about how I edit my writing, and making sure I 'show' and don't 'tell'!

That's it for today. I hope everyone has enjoyed this quick collection of favorites!

Your Thoughts?: What are you <3-ing this week? Anyone want to gush about Doo-Wop Shop? Are you ready to get out those spring-time clothes? What about Roger? For skaters you athletes out there, what are some motivational quotes that keep you going? Be honest there such a thing as DISLIKING chocolate in your muffins? Why do YOU keep reading? Do you find editing your writing to be hard?

Thanks for reading! :)

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