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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Don't Mind Me...No 1: Tangled

Note: This post may (most likely will) contain spoilers! You've been warned. :)

Good evening, ladies! I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday so far. :) If any of you follow my Pinterest page, you've probably noticed that I've been going through a major Disney obsession lately. Pinning quotes, watching songs on Youtube, everything: my love for Disney is just hitting me all at once. :) 

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I've decided to add a new, ongoing series to the blog, called 'Don't Mind Me...' It's where I'll pictures, quotes, and my overall thoughts on movies/TV shows that I love (and probably a little obsessed with). Might as well warn you now: There will be a lot of gushing, rambling, and ranting!

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After obsessing over Tangled for quite awhile, I finally borrowed the movie and watched it again! It is by far one of my favorite Disney princess movies (tied with The Little Mermaid, to be honest....), and would probably make it into my Top 5 list. Rapunzel is a really unique character; strong in her own ways, yet by no means perfect. In fact, all the characters are great: Mother Gothel is complexly wicked, Pascal (the chameleon) plays both a protective and friendly role, and Maximus (makes me laugh so hard....) switches between horse like, dog like, and human like personalities. :)

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One thing I realized while watching the movie last night is how much the dynamics have changed over time. Early on (think Snow White, Cinderella...), the prince was a very minimal role. He hardly spoke, didn't really have much of a personality, and was almost rather 'perfect'. In roughly the middle (think Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast) the princes serve a much larger role, with much more dialogue and interaction between the prince and princess. You get to know each one as more of an individual, but they're still rather distant, with very little back story (with the exception of Beast, I suppose....). More recently, (Aladdin, Mulan, and of course Tangled) the princes are a very large role, and in the case of Alladin, they're the main character! I just think it's so interesting that as time has gone on, the prince in each Disney movie has become more and more a part of the story. Your thoughts?

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While on the subject of princes, can I take a moment and obsess over Flynn (or should I say Eugene?)? I had forgotten how madly in love I am with him! He is THE BEST ever! Well, he isn't technically a prince...but I suppose he becomes one? How does that work? Any way, he's the best. Totally himself, he loves Rapunzel for who she is. He makes mistakes along the way, but in the end turns away from his 'rather shady' life and actually becomes part of a family, something he had never experienced before. Not to mention he's just hilarious. I want to say more about him, but I run the risk of obsessing too much and rambling on forever and ever....but if you love him and want to go all girly, just leave a comment and I'll reply!

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Another character worth a mention is Mother Gothel. She is extremely wicked, and yet, there is something telling me that she is more complex than just that. She stole Rapunzel out of pure vanity and selfishness, but yet, rather than enslaving her or treating her cruelly, she actually raises her as her own. Though the roots of her action are in vanity, it makes you wonder if she couldn't have had some motherly feelings, even love, towards Rapunzel. Of course, you could throw a wrench in the works and say that she started to mistreat her at the end, when Rapunzel started to fight against her, which definitely gives you more to think about. 

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I seriously think this movie has to be one of the most genuinely romantic Disney movies. At the end of the movie, Eugene has been stabbed by Mother Gothel and is about to die. She tries to drag Rapunzel away, to hide her at an even more remote location. Rapunzel declares that she will never stop fighting her, and will always be searching for a way to escape. However, she bargains, she will give in to Mother Gothel if she only allows her to save Eugene before they leave, and Mother Gothel agrees. Before Rapunzel can sing the healing incantaion, though, Eugene cuts off her hair with a shard of glass, knowing that if her hair is cut, it will no longer possess it's magical powers, making her useless to Mother Gothel. He gives up his chance of being saved so as to save her from a life of enslavement. You know how in most of the other princess movies, they're always talking about 'true love'? Well, Tangled never says that in so many words; it shows it instead! Eugene and Rapunzel are very close to being the best Disney couple...

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Truth is: you're never too old for a Disney movie. In many ways, they're made not just for kids, but for teens, and adults. The characters go a lot deeper than any 5 year-old could understand, and the plots are sound. Perhaps most importantly, all the villains have strong motives! I hate it when they just assume somebody's going to be evil, just because they want to, and bring misery to the lives of others because they need a villain. Villains are human, too, and therefore must have motives!

Of course, I have to include something about the music. Everyone loves a good Disney song, right? I was very excited to get both the Tangled soundtrack and piano music for Christmas, which just shows you how obsessed I am with these songs in particular. In my opinion, it's some of the best Disney music since the Little Mermaid (didn't really care for Tarzan or Mulan, although Mulan has some exceptions...). Definitely go on Youtube and look them up! I love how they have a mix of rock/Broadway feel to them. In the meantime, though, here are some videos that I thought rather cute...

Tangled AMV-Enchanted. Get ready for tears!

Tangled [Rapunzel & Eugene] -Fireflies. Love the song, love the movie!

Your Thoughts? Have the feel/characters/plots of Disney movies changed over time? Who's your favorite couple, princess, song? What do you think the the size of the Prince's role says about the society of the time (wow, that sounded deep...)? Did you cry during the Tangled Enchanted song (I'm guilty...)? What do you think about this series idea?

Thanks so much for reading! :)




  1. First off-I think that this is a really good series idea!
    How have the movies changed over time? I think the first few were all I'm-a-beautiful-princess-and-I-need-saving-by-a-handsome-prince-who-I-only-met-once-but-I-need-to-marry. I mean, the mice did all the work for Cinderella. Now they're giving the princesses (and princes) more personality.
    I think my favourite disney movie is probably 100 dalmatians; Cruella DeVil (is that how you spell it?) is a very good villain. And she's crazy.

    1. Hi Liza!
      Thanks! So glad you like the idea. Definitely agree with you...Disney has started developing all the characters a lot more, instead of just leaving them as one-dimensional. I love 101 Dalmations! Aside from Flynn and Rapunzel, I think Roger and Anita are on of the sweetest Disney couples...definitely one of the most realistic! And yes, Cruella's amazing! She is so crazy/evil.
      Thanks for stopping by!