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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

All Dolled Up

Just wanted to show you one of the little projects I worked on over the summer. :)
In an effort to start early on Christmas presents, I started sewing this little rag doll for my 5 year-old cousin. My little cousin is a true girly-girl, who absolutely loves tea parties and is just starting to really enjoy playing with dolls and making up little stories. :)
I decided not to use a pattern, and instead just took one of my old dolls that's put together in a similar way and modeled it after that. I did enlarge it though, as I wanted her to have an 18 in. doll since that seems to be the average size for clothes.

One of my favorite things about this is that it's a true rag doll...everything was created from scraps and leftovers. Even the yarn hair was given to me, since one of our 4H moms was given bags upon bags of leftover yarn. 

After sewing the body, I sewed a simple jumper-dress that was loosely based on a doll clothes pattern. I added a snap to the back, then sewed a separate sash to tie around her waist. The face is hand painted, as well as the traditional 'I LUV U' on her body. Adding the hair was fun....I threaded it through a darning needle, punched it through the fabric, then tied it in a knot. 

All in all, the doll was super easy to make! The most challenging part was putting the dress together, but it was fun working on it without the help of a pattern. This is a great Christmas gift that's not only homemade, but also affordable and easy to personalize as well. I'd definitely suggest going through your fabric stash and constructing this little doll for all those little princesses on your list!

Thanks for reading! :)

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