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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspiration...Ravenclaw Madness

A marvelous description of a Ravenclaw student. 

Hermionie from three different houses...

Beautiful raven pendant.

Very true.

Rowena Ravenclaw, founder of the house.

Food for thought.

Most. Awesome. Professor. Ever. Period.

For all the nights I've stayed up with a book....

The ultimate, brainy accessory. 

Depends on the company, but I've certainly experienced this!

Because, well, who doesn't want a paper owl made of book pages?


Just couldn't resist.....Lockheart was an....entertaining..... professor.

One more reason that Dr. Seuss is amazing. 

If it wasn't for her teaching style, I'd love her polished way of things....

Shhh!!!! It's suppose to be a secret. :)

Everybody's favorite Ravenclaw student.

House scarves earrings!

I love Hermionie's look! So polished, yet not overdone. 

Very appropriate rhyme. 
Resources for Ravenclaw's Bookish Sort:

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