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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I just had to share some adorable pictures of the newest members of our homestead....three Shetland sheep! They were born in May of this year, so are still technically lambs, and are just the cutest things!

I actually got them a couple weeks ago, but have been very bad about getting photos and doing a post about them! So, let me introduce you: Annie Rose (on the left) is a Moorit coloring, but after a few shearings she should lighten up into more of a Fawn. She has a sweet temperament but is very shy. Lizzy Jane (the one in the middle) is the perfect dainty lady....she is an Emsket coloring with blue eyes and curliest lashes! She is also very shy, but will come up to you with no problems if you offer her a carrot! Rachel Lynde (the one on the right) definitely lives up to her name, and is very loud. She gets very upset if you show up a bit late to grain her! She is a Dark Brown, is very confident and loves to be petted.

I bought them as a 4H project, and plan on showing at a local fair in September. After fair season I'll shear them, and then proceed to learning how to clean, spin, and maybe even dye some of their wool! I've been getting my knitting needles out again to practice, so I can't wait to start working on projects from my own sheep! :)

Lately our main goal has been to learn to lead. They're getting pretty good about putting the halters on and off, but actually being lead is another thing. Right now, it's not so much walking as a lot of big jumps straight into the air. We've also been working on 'setting up' for the judges, and standing still and square. Lizzy Jane sets up very nice, and could stand pretty and still all day, so I would love to use her as a showmanship lamb, but right now she is the worst at walking. I'll get it figured out, though.

Got any fun 4H projects going on? What have your preparations been for fair season? Fall weather farm chores? Tell me int the comments or shoot me an email! :)

Thanks for reading! :)

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