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Friday, August 17, 2012

Charming Quarters: My Current Bedroom

Norman Rockwell's 'Decorator'
Hello everybody! Lately, what with all the preparations to get back to school, I've been tingling to start freshening up my room and giving it a real face lift. I'm intending to write a collection of posts about my room, how I'm planning to decorate it, and the DIY crafts and challenges along the way. Check back for future posts!

My room is one the third floor, it what is, technically, our attic. I've taken to calling it my 'garret room', what with it's pretty paper and slanted ceilings. It's fairly small, with one window, and white carpeting. There is also a gorgeous set of drawers built into the wall (an epic floor-space saver!) and the most adorable double door. I love my room...I really do. But, as with everything, a little change and freshening up is OK. Following is a quick list of some of the things I'd like to get/make, and some photos.

1. Fresh paper/paint.
2. A cover for my armchair.
3. An ottoman, or at least a little stool, for my armchair.
4. Clean out the corner that currently holds my doll house, and perhaps get an antique blanket chest or something to go there.
5. New curtains! There is also a window decoration I'd like to try....
6. New sheets and pillows!
7. A rug, perhaps? I'd love to try and rug-punch my own.
My bed, featuring a lovely purple quilt my mum made me.
8. Update my desk. I have no idea what I want to do, but I need to do something! It's turning into a catch all.
9. More photos and other decorations on my walls, in nice frames, preferably.

My window.....lacy curtains.
My arm chair.....yes, yes, ugly 1970's print, but it was only $2 at a yard sale and soooo comfortable!!!!!!!

My drawers. And a model horse collection above them.

My doll house....with more clutter behind it. 

My desk.....and curio cabinet.....and bookshelf. 

A close up of the amazing knitted afghan that my Meme, or great-grandmother on my dad's side, made my dad. :)

The amazing double door!!!! :)
Thanks for reading! :) Any thrifty DIY decorating ideas you'd like to share? What are some of your decorating plans for the fall?

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